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The cast of Degrassi nominate fellow cast members for MTV Movie Awards best kiss

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"We must be soulmates.."

"Farewell, Fiona."

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My dad is a successful television producer, director and writer and my mom’s a director, and writer. Even when I was young I wanted to be an actress. I knew the actors and the paparazzi. It was just kind of always in my landscape. It was never directed at me, but it was always somewhere so I could see how it operated and I could see it from afar and go ‘Wow, that’s not really glamorous, it’s kind of exhausting not having any privacy.’

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The moment when every viewer’s heart crumbled into 1,690,292,348,310 pieces

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Anna Kendrick and Brittany snow have the same lip biting thing!!

and they are both incredibly dangerous to ones’ health. Haha, but seriously.

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And that ladies and gays is what I call the right fuckin spirit

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